Bullying can be seen in many situations at school and in group contexts and it is often difficult for an educator to get the people involved to bring out their experiences, or to find a way to deal with the subject using a language appropriate to the age of their students.

The RoBy project partners developed the bullying prevention game as a tool for teachers to use in the classroom in order to develop pupils’ awareness of what bullying is and, experiencing its dynamics firsthand, engage the students in a series of behaviors as an antidote to these social dynamics. The main objective of the game is raising awareness about bullying, learning to recognize threats and potential dangers.

Children and teens spend a lot of time together at school and online and they need to learn how to be safe. Indirect objective -This game can be included as part of life-skills development, very useful for developing algorithm thinking and collaboration with other children and making mutual decisions. Psychological, sociological, prosocial objective As an easy game but very straightforward -it demonstrates for children why it is bad to be a bully and how it affects others.

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