Teacher’s name: Velichka Drashkova – “Stefan Peshev” elementary school,  Sevlievo city

  • Title of the game : Roby tells a story


Description of the board:

The game board consists of squares with a side of 10 cm, in which words are written or flowers, butterflies, trees are drawn. The words of a sentence are written in the same color. Each sentence of the fairy tale script is retold briefly.

Other useful materials:

  1. A sheet on which the sequence of sentences in the text is marked with colors.
  2. Whiteboard marker.

Phases of the game:

  1. Preparation:

Students are divided into teams of two or three. The order of action of the teams is determined by lot. Children are familiar with the fairy tale in advance.


Start of the game:

The first team runs the robot and starts the game.


  1. Core phase of the Game 
  2. Students in Team 1 determine which sentence is the first in a list of consecutive sentences.
  3. They program the robot to move across the game board so that they put the words together into a correct sentence.                                     
  4. They determine the type of sentence and the teacher writes it on the board with a marker.
  5. The other teams compose the next sentences according to the same algorithm as the first one.                                                                             
  6. The game continues until all sentences are written on the board and the title of the story is discovered.


  1. Conclusion:

Through the game, the participants summarize the knowledge about the types of sentences for the purpose of speaking. They discover the sequence of sentences in the text. They can determine their type. They work in a team. They understand that learning can be delayed and emotional. They themselves evaluate their work in the team.



The game can also be adapted to fairy tales from world classics, to English, etc.

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