Mrs. Roman Raluca, teacher at Secondary School No 3 in Zarnesti, had the ideea to involve RoBy in language teaching for 3rd grade. For this end, she started from “RoBy the mighty robot” game platform. She created a set of cards with language components (actions, beings, emotions, natural phenomenons etc.) (visible on the side of the )game platform. The game platform (the place where RoBy is moving) comprises larger cards with specific actions, beings, emotions, natural phenomenons etc. Each type of language component has been assigned with a colour. A pupil will pick a language component card, will read which component is and another pupil will guide RoBy to a card on the game platform having on it a specific word corresponding to the chosen language component. Also, by choosing a colour, pupils are requested to identify all the words corresponding with the related language component and to guide RoBy until all the words are found.

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