Teacher’s name: Tsvetanka Petrova, Silvia Genova – kindergarten “Zornitsa” Haskovo

  • Title of the game : Children tell stories with Roby
  • General aim of the game:

Children learn to tell a fairy tale in illustrations with the help of educational robotics. Pictures from the author’s fairy tale “The responsible Working Mezzana”


Description of the board:

The game board consists of 25 squares with a side of 1-5 cm. In six randomly selected cells, illustrations from the fairy tale are placed.               


Other useful materials:

  1. Sheet with the scheme of the playing field.                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. Costumes of characters from the fairy tale.                                                                                                                                                                             
  3. Tablet


Phases of the game:

  1. Preparation:

The children read the story in advance.

There are 7 children in the game.

A dice defines children-characters from the fairy tale and 2 children who work with the robot.


Start of the game:

All children stand by the playing field and start the game.  One of the two children takes the sheet with the scheme on the playing field, and another – drops the robot.


  1. Core phase of the Game
  2. The child with the sheet gives instructions on how to program the robot so that it gets to the first illustration.                                                 
  3. The second child programs the robot.  When the robot reaches the illustration, Mezzana tells the first part of the story.                               
  4. The child with the instruction sheet gives direction to reach the next character by the chronology of the fairy tale.
  5. The second child programs the robot to reach the rabbit, which tells the next part of the fairy tale.
  6. The game continues until the robot passes through all the fields of the characters and tells the chronology of the fairy tale.


  1. Conclusion:

Children tell the story and have fun through the game. They track the chronology in the text. Make sense of the actions of the characters. They develop their digital skills. Form skills to work on instructions.



The game can also be adapted to other fairy tales e.g. from the world classics. Different numbers of children may participate, depending on the number of characters in the fairy tale.



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