Teacher’s name: Velichka Drashkova – Primary School “Stefan Peshev” Sevlievo

  • Title of the game “Simon Says”
  • General aim of the game:

Application of educational robotics to the provision of communication skills in English for giving navigational instructions.


Description of the board

The playing field is a grid of squares with a side of 15 cm. The grid consists of 10 rows and 7 columns. The squares are numbered, as shown in the photos and the board. The directions are noted of different color.

Other useful materials

Tablet or phone


Phases of the game

  1. Preparation:

Students acquire knowledge in advance about directions and instructions on how to reach a particular object.


  1. Star of the game:

The game is played by two. The other students watch without commenting.

Two children stand by the playing field. Player one gives an instruction to the Player two in English. Guidance can be given before the first move of the robot. Each child chooses by itself the complexity of the destination.


  1. Core phase of the Game

Player one gives instructions on what moves to make Player two.

Player two listens to the instructions and it is necessary to remember them. He may ask for the instructions to be repeated, but before the actions with the Robot. Player two should move the robot along the specified route and reach the final destination / a certain number /.

Children participate in pairs. For the next participants and so on.

  1. d. Conclusion:

Students are motivated  to structure and explain in English as a complex  route as possible.

They are provoked to use their knowledge in a fun environment, to self-assess their abilities, to speak and listen to English.

He exercises direct oral communication, and each student makes his assignment according to his or her expressive abilities.



The game is suitable for learning and applying navigation in kindergarten, geography classes and various foreign languages.


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