At Secondary School No. 2 in Brasov, Romania, teacher Cristina Gagiu uses RoBy in a inovative way, to make pupils aware about what “Well being” might be. Bellow, a summary of the educational activity.

An Individual’s Life within the Current Society – Well-Being

  • video about the current life -> What’s life like for you as a teenager? / Describe the life-society connection
  • teams of 5 divided according to the home-school distance principle
  • analysis of 2 pictures -> We’re all human & we’re beautiful / talk about the message against racism & discrimination

While other teams discuss about the message -> 1 team uses ROBY and decides on the route (Instagram pics written on sheets of paper & mixed up)


  • talk about the article below
  • other sheets of paper with the main sections of the article -> with the use of ROBY – they were assigned the teams
  • Praise – Encouragement – TEAM PANDA
  • Healthy Lifestyle – TEAM SLOTH
  • Family Relationships – TEAM WOLF
  • Mental Health – TEAM EAGLE
  • Goals & Achievements – TEAM LION
  • in teams, they summarize their section and present it to the others
  • How can school & teachers help their students in promoting a better well-being?
  • kind reminder in the end -> You’re beautiful 🙂

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