“RoBy the mighty robot” is an educational robotic game that can be used to discuss bullying and aggressive behaviours solutions with children of different age ranges (from 6 to 12 years old). The game is thought to be played by the children in a group. Each round of the game is a quest to solve a bullying situation. The game itself can be played in many ways, depending on:

• the age of the pupils,

• the bullying situation(s) might be actually present in the class/ among the pupils

• the reading and understanding abilities of the pupils

• the general dynamic of the pupils in class

The game board is composed of different cards with behaviours in the front and explanation on the back. The players have to move the robot through 5 different behaviours, towards the possible solution of a given problematic situation.

The attached file introduces the instructions to play the educational robotic game with Clementoni CyberRobot.

Platform to print: here


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